October 24, 2016
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Greg Brkich was born to Joseph and Doris Brkich of Bladworth on December 5, 1958. He grew up on the family farm just a few miles northwest of town. Mr. Brkich's family grew to include his two younger sisters, Dianne and Linda. Mr. Brkich attended the Bladworth School and later, attended Davidson High School. Following the completion of his education, Mr. Brkich began operating the family's comprehensive grain and cattle operation. Mr. Brkich has always been, and remains, a dedicated member of his rural community. Previous to his first election as MLA, Mr. Brkich served six years on Bladworth Village Council. He is still an active, long-serving member of the Bladworth Elks Club, a community based volunteer group focused on charitable causes. Mr. Brkich is also an avid sports enthusiast, enjoying recreational hockey in the winter and golfing in the summer.

Mr. Brkich's interest in politics is life-long. Mr. Brkich's father, Joseph, generously shared his concern about Saskatchewan issues with his son in many kitchen table discussions. Mr. Brkich's mother, Doris, had worked at the Saskatchewan Legislature before her marriage. Therefore, Mr. Brkich grew up keenly interested in the well being of his rural community and his agricultural roots. Mr. Brkich realized that the philosophy of the provincial NDP would never bring real and meaningful prosperity to the people of Saskatchewan. In 1998, Mr. Brkich began making inquiries as to running locally for the newly formed Saskatchewan Party.

Mr. Brkich was first elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly on September 16, 1999. Mr. Brkich quickly learned the ropes of being in the ranks of the Official Opposition. From the beginning, Mr. Brkich believed in staying in close contact with his constituents whose local concerns were so important to him. Mr. Brkich then developed a plan to travel to the many communities across Arm River Constituency. Mr. Brkich makes every effort to listen personally to the concerns of his constituents and then works to address them through legislative channels.

Mr. Brkich was re-elected in 2003 and, and again in 2007. During his terms in Opposition, Mr. Brkich brought forward a Private Member's Bill recognizing the enormous contribution to Saskatchewan of the late, former Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker. The subsequent passage of this Bill has now resulted in an official day of recognition, John G. Diefenbaker Day. Mr. Brkich's legislative duties have been many and varied. He served the Deputy Whip; Senior Critic for Regional Development and Co-operative Development; and Deputy Critic for Sask Water and SPMC. Greg also served on the House Services Committee, as the Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Private Members' Bills, and as a member of the Standing Committee on Crown Corporations and Private Bills.

Mr. Brkich is currently Chair of the Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies.

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